I Have Spoken

Lockdowns don’t work. They may slow the spread of the virus, but they also lengthen the period of infection. The number of deaths are not going to be reduced in either case. Quarantining the healthy won’t change anything, as it is the sick, old, and immune compromised who need protection. We will never get a vaccine because this, like all viruses, is a rapidly mutating pathogen, which makes meaningful vaccines all but impossible. If this thing had a high mortality rate like Ebola, it would be a different story. But it doesn’t. It’s about the same as seasonal flu. Which kills between 50,000 and 80,000 people every single year. Without fanfare. Without shutdowns. A public health crisis does not give government the right to suspend the Constitution whenever they please. Because if we let them get away with it now, there will be no end to the crises that will materialize to make suspending civil liberties necessary in perpetuity.

The cure is worse than the disease, as it causes a correlative spike in suicides, domestic abuse, job loss, and economic catastrophe. I do not care about hypothetical deaths. The only number that matters is ACTUAL deaths, and recoveries. Those numbers tell a different story. This thing is about the same as seasonal flu. It is highly infectious, but has a very low mortality. Shutdowns made sense when there was little data, and when we were unprepared. That is no longer the case. Government wishes to seize power that the Constitution does not allow, in order to keep us “safe”, based on bad science, flawed models, and the exploitation of human fear.

We have to resist. We are Americans after all. I have spoken.


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