You Can’t Reason With Leftists

Did you know you can talk to liberals? Yep. People who received a classical education, were taught deductive reasoning, can be reasoned with. Both liberals and conservatives believe in using logic, reason, and empirical evidence to examine claims, then draw conclusions. We just disagree on the conclusions. But Leftists are different. They are using Marxist dialectical materialism. So logic and reason are out, because those were espoused by Western colonizers. Feelings are the metric of whether something is true or not. They also don’t believe in true or false. This is why they cannot be reasoned with, because they lack the capacity for reason. You cannot persuade people like this without being drawn into emotional arguments, or remedial education seminars on logical thinking.

Something is not true because it is truth – it is true because I FEEL it is true. I feel police are racist, so it is true, even through it contradicts empirical evidence. I feel a woman should have control over her own body, so abortion is true, even though advances in medical science prove that fetuses are alive and can feel pain. I feel that love conquers all, so it is true, even though homosexuality is wildly unhealthy, mentally and physically. I feel a family should be whatever we want it to be, so it is true, even though children only really prosper when there is a mother and father, married to each other, raising them.

You can’t reason with religious zealots. The touchstones of the religious Left – critical theory, sexual libertarianism, abortion, Marxism, environmentalism – were not arrived at by deductive reasoning. They are articles of faith. And you are a heretic if you reject them, as reason and common sense demands you should.


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