Current Events 07-21-2020

Why Are We Buying Products Assembled By Slaves? America’s New Slaveowners

So we abolish slavery, pass the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, but slavery is still okay as long as it happens in some other country? No corporation that benefits from forced labor should be receiving our money.

Whatever Happened to Freedom of Speech? No Longer Possible to Be a Democrat and Support Free Speech

Kanye Would Be Wasted as President There’s A Cause That Could Use Kanye’s Support. It’s Not Chasing The White House

Black Humanity Matters The Dehumanization of Blacks

David Duke Couldn’t Have Said it Any Better (referring to the Smithsonian) Josh Hawley Asks Smithsonian, Do You Agree That ‘All Men Are Created Equal’?

As If There Was Any Doubt What BLM REALLY Desires BLM Activist Says White Men Are ‘The Common Enemy’, ‘We Need to Get Rid of Them’

Black Lives Matter, Inc. is a Marxist, Black Supremacist terrorist organization. They might as well be wearing Klan hoods.

This is absolutely despicable. Fake News New York Times is inciting violence against Tucker Carlson.


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