Current Events 07-24-2020

It’s Time To Walk Away The Armed Wing Of The Democratic Party

These aren’t the Democrats your parents and grandparents voted for. This is the Marxist Party of America, and they won’t stop until the America you love is destroyed and we are plunged into despotism.

The Party of Slavery and Jim Crow Has to Go Rep. Louie Gohmert: ‘It’s Time to #CancelDemocrats’; Congressman introduces resolution demanding name change for party tied to Confederacy and Klan.

You can’t be Christian and vote Democrat.

We Can’t Remain Silent Anymore More Evidence That Trump’s Silent Majority Is Real; New poll says moderates and conservatives are genuinely afraid to discuss their politics.

China Is Our Enemy China Closing Its Houston Consulate Is A Sign We’re In A New Cold War; It’s always ominous when a diplomatic mission destroys documents. Whatever the reason behind China’s frantic purge at its Houston consulate, it isn’t good.

They employ slave labor to manufacture our goods. They wage economic and information war against our country. They loose plagues on the world and sit back and watch it burn. We should not be trading or dealing with this country in any form.

Child Rapists Would Like to Exit the Closet Also Do Global Elites Commit Crimes Against Children?

If society has declared other perversions (sodomy, transgenderism, fornication, adultery) to be normal and acceptable, then how can we say yes to those perverts, but continue to say no to pedophiles? It’s the very slippery slope that we always argued would occur. Nobody listened. So here we are.


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