Current Events 07-26-2020

Democrat Slush Fund Black Lives Don’t Matter To #BlackLivesMatter

It’s not about black lives mattering, it’s about raising millions for Marxist causes. It’s about funding Democrat re-elections. It’s about funding the violent rioting and looting across America.

Christians Cannot Support Black Lives Matter, Inc. 6 Reasons Black Christians Must Denounce BLM

If the Dems Somehow Manage to Win, We Will Have to Secede Will 2021 Be 1984? It’s all about the power, not the equality.

This is 1860.

Baseball Is Dead Rabbi Calls for Baseball Boycott Until MLB; Disengages from Hate-Filled Politics of BLM

Any sport that supports a Marxist, anti-American, racist, terrorist organization such as Black Lives Matter, Inc. is unworthy of our support. This isn’t baseball anymore.

We Cannot Be Intimidated by Mask Nazis Woman maces couple for not wearings masks in San Diego park

Stand your ground patriots. Mask nazis want to dominate and suppress you. And since they view you as a threat, then it is acceptable to assault you, in their minds. They are Maoists. You have to resist.

China is Our Enemy No, Silly Libs, Trump Isn’t Hitler. But This Tyrant Just Might Be a Modern Version of the Nazi…

Our Corporations Directly Profit From Slave Labor in China Calls Growing for Woke Big-Name Fashion Brands to Stop Profiting Off of Uighur Labor

And then have the gall to call us all racists while they funnel 100s of millions of dollars into Black Lives Matter, Inc.


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