Current Events 08-18-2020

Sorry folks. Got a bit tied up with helping my sons with some car problems. And I’ve been decoupling from social media. Which takes a lot more time to accomplish than you might think. 

Plus some days, I don’t care too much about the endless litany of “Orange Man Bad”. Not enough to spend precious time reading it anyway.

Well That Explains a Lot Obama: ‘I Make Love to Men Daily’

While he wasn’t our first African-American President, he WAS our first homosexual President.

A Great Day For America 100 Years Ago, Women Won the Right to Vote

You have zero excuse not to vote, ladies.

Civil Rights Was The Final Fulfillment of the Principles of the American Revolution Instead Of Rejecting It, The Civil Rights Movement Fulfilled The American Revolution

You have zero excuse to be voting Democrat, black folks.

It’s All About Cheat-By-Mail The Democrats’ True USPS Endgame

The Democrats Intend to Force Civil War If They Don’t Get Their Way Sleepwalking into Secession

Jesus Was Not a Marxist, Although Many of His Self-Proclaimed Followers Are No, Jesus Was NOT A Socialist, Not Even Close!

These People Are the Worst Bigots The Democratic Convention Opens With Abject Racism; The Democrats say America is hopelessly racist, but we all know that’s not true.


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