Current Events 08-21-2020

Transgenders Are Mentally Ill The California Transgender Bill That Should Alarm All Americans

This is not bad enough, though. We have to force irreversible physical changes on children. In effect sterilizing them.

Beware of dogs and workers of evil things.

Aren’t We All I Am Sick To Death Of COVID Supremacists

Truth Stings Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ ‘Fighting Words?’ College Speech Zone Case Heads to Supreme Court

People who routinely utilize doublethink as a part of their daily lives (Leftists) have an interesting concept of “freedom”. When they say “freedom” they mean “freedom for me, but not for thee.” They mean “I can say whatever monstrous, soul-destroying lies I please” but you have to be silent because my “offense” trumps your freedom of speech. They mean “we want freedom to advance our godless agenda until we get political power” and then we are taking away everyone’s freedoms we don’t like. And they act like they are taking the high ground when they claim their willingness to live and let live, but they really mean “you can live, but you won’t be allowed to work, speak, live in safe neighborhoods, worship freely, have any entertainment you like, books, movies, television, sports because we will use every platform we have to preach non-stop propaganda at you about how awful you are.”
I wish they would secede. I don’t want to live in the same country with these godless heathens anymore.

One Man, One Woman, Married and Faithful No Matter How Much The New York Times Pumps Polyamory, It’s Not Good For Kids

It’s the only configuration that works. Everything else, every sexual arrangement that falls outside Biblical marriage is perversion. It’s abhorrent. It goes against God and against nature. It’s time to stop pretending otherwise. You cross that line into perversion, you have made a choice that has repercussions for the whole of society. That makes what happens in the bedroom everyone’s problem. Especially when you perverts won’t shut up about it.


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