It’s 1912 All Over Again

I have often thought that this election is like the 1860 election, the last before the Civil War. In some ways, it is very similar. But I also think it is like the 1912 election. A clear example of what happens in a critical moment in our nation’s history when the WRONG GUY wins. Had Teddy won instead of Wilson, the ENTIRE 20TH CENTURY would have gone differently. No Communism. No Fascism. The Civil Rights movement would not have been needed at all. And no endless wars for most of the 20th century.

I think this election is every bit as critical, and the consequences as dire should Biden somehow win this. Teddy was the President America needed at a crossroads in its history. He instead split the Republican vote so the racist Woodrow Wilson could become President.

Trump is the President we need now, at yet another similar crossroads. We have our own Bolsheviks trying to seize power. Should they succeed, America will fall. 

We can foresee the evil and elect the right guy, or we can let Biden win and face another century like the 20th.

Still think your vote doesn’t count?


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