Current Events 08-25-2020

<click clack> What Are We to Do with These ‘GOP for Biden’ Traitors?

We need a purge.

The Future of America A Most Consequential Presidency

Our Enemy is Worse Than the Bolsheviks Donald Trump’s Real Opponent in 2020

Like Gerrymandering, But Far Worse Wrecking the Suburbs on Purpose

We use the cities we control to generate lots of poor, brainwashed serfs, then force them into your communities to destroy Republican power blocs.

Defund the Police Does Not Mean ELIMINATE the Police What Will Replace the Police? Ten Historical Examples

No Brakes Who Is Helmut Norpoth and Why Does He Say Trump Will Win Big? Political scientist predicts Trump will win a 362-176 Electoral College landslide in November.

The answer is never, if Dems get their way.


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