Current Events 09-02-2020

So Now I’m a Sociopath People Who Reject Face Masks More Likely To Be Sociopaths: Study

How China Virus Spreads and What It Does A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis

What’s This? TreyArch Dropping Red Pills? Call of Duty’s Ominous Trailer Details Communist Tactics to Collapse the US That are Being Used Today

Most Interesting Call of Duty Journalism is Redpilling Gamers. Call of Duty’s subtle criticism of communism hasn’t gone unnoticed by the media.

Hunted Down And Executed, You Mean Trump Chides Media For Misreporting Murder of Aaron Danielson
“They were so happy that he died, you don’t mention that.”

Kyle Rittenhouse Was in the Right An Answer to the Rittenhouse Situation’s Moral Argument

They Want to Make an Example of Him The Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse

Rwanda Kidnapped This Man and Is Charging Him With Terrorism For Criticizing the Dictator Paul Kagame Rwanda Arrests Man Who Inspired ‘Hotel Rwanda’ on Terrorism Charges

Wicked, Vile Murder Dear Media: Yes, Abortion Does Have a Smell

Dems Don’t Care About Regular People Why Joe Biden Didn’t Go To Kenosha — All You Need To Know About The State of The Race

Of Course They Have California Legislature Softens Sex Offender Registry Requirements For Sodomy With Minors

We Have the Best Presidential Planes Exosonic To Develop America’s New Supersonic Air Force One

I Do Too I Stand with Tucker Carlson; Up against the mob, he is the voice of reason.


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