Current Events 09-06-2020

Two Sobering Columns By Michael Anton

A Tyranny Perpetual and Universal? Is the leftist dream now within reach? If President Trump loses, we will find out.

The Coming Coup?

The Dems Have Not Accepted the LAST Election – Why Should They Accept This One? This “Revolution” Is Just Getting Started – It Will Likely Not End In November

Most Of You Just Rolled Over And Accepted Government Tramplling All Your Rights We Have Had Enough Lockdown Take off the masks and remove the “social distancing” circles from the floors. Open the schools, liberate college campuses, fill the restaurants and the gyms and the churches and the salons. Enough.

What is needed is sharp defiance. The government has NO RIGHT to demand anything from us contrary to the Constitution.

You Shall Not Use Taxpayer Money to Spread Hate and Foment Rebellion While you were focused on The Atlantic, Trump dealt a devastating blow to Critical Race Theorists


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