Current Events 09-18-2020

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization Study: Up To 95 Percent Of 2020 U.S. Riots Are Linked To Black Lives Matter

Why Doesn’t The Government Seize the 1.5 Billion That BLM Has Extorted From Corporations, And Use It To Pay For the Damages? George Floyd Riot Damage Could Cost Insurance Companies Upwards Of $2 Billion

2 Billion Dollars of Damage, Over a Junkie Who Killed Himself With Fentanyl Who Killed George Floyd?

How many times, before I finally left Facebook for good, did I see statements to the effect of “all white people are racists” or “you’re a white supremacist” or “cops are hunting black people”, and all I ever said was “Wait for all the facts to come out.”? Lots. 

Fentanyl Floyd killed himself. Not Derek Chauvin or the Minneapolis PD. But you evil, and I do mean evil, people on the Left pushed that narrative, and 2 Billion Dollars of damage was done and at least 22 people have been murdered.

For a junkie who killed himself with fentanyl.

Creating New Trump Voters Daily Thinking twice about law and order: Riots now sway voters

ANTIFA is Burning the West Coast, Blaming it on Climate Change and “Climate Change Deniers” (i.e. all of us) Antifa tells followers to “spread fire…”

It’s All a Scam Nashville Government Lied about the Coronavirus—Does Everybody?

Designed to Make People Afraid and Keep Them Under Control How Media Fear-Mongers Misrepresent COVID-19; Accentuating the negative and eliminating the positive leads to irrational and ineffective responses.

As Per Usual, The Techopoly is Suppressing Information Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson — And Science; Doing China’s bidding by shutting down free speech.

COVID-19 was created in a CCP military lab. To everybody who said I was guilty of promoting tin-foil hat conspiracies, I WAS RIGHT, YOU WERE WRONG. Again. Here is the suppressed video.

This Is Where This is Heading Video: Police Drag Man Out of School Board Meeting For Not Wearing a Mask

I will not be one of the faceless.


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