On the Death of the Notorious RBG

I am going to speak once, and then let the matter drop. I am not so much glad Ginsburg is dead, as I am she is GONE. She should have retired years ago. I am sure she has family that is mourning her passing. I am unable to feel any grief for her myself, mostly because I didn’t know her, but also because she was a champion of babykillers for 25 years. I am positively gleeful at the prospect of the President appointing another Conservative to the bench. I am personally hoping he picks another woman, specifically Amy Coney Barrett. Catholic. Mom. Staunchly pro-life and pro-2A. She would be the perfect pick to fill that vacated position. I am overjoyed at the prospect that I might live to see the end of Roe v Wade, one of the most infamous Supreme Court cases since the Dredd Scott decision.

I will never apologize for having political opinions. You can read the Bible and tell that every single one of the Biblical authors and figures all had political opinions. The fact that they lived under the boot heel of a despotic absolute monarch made expressing them difficult, but it did not mean they did not have them. We do not live under a despotic absolute monarch – we term-limited him out in 2016. So we have not only the freedom to hold political positions, but the duty to do so.

It is not wrong to be political. As Christians, we more than any other group, have the incredible advantage of being filled with the Holy Ghost, and having direct access to God’s wisdom via His Word. So we can inform our political positions better than an unregenerate heathen, which all Leftists are – they brag about it. I cannot fail to have an opinion about murdering babies, or normalizing sexual deviancy, or using the rule of law as a cudgel to suppress the free speech of Christians. I also cannot fail to perceive the tremendous threat that the Left represents to me and mine. We are all of us staring down the gun barrel of the most consequential election in our lifetimes, and perhaps in American history.

If we lose this fight, we lose it all. The Left intends to make sure no Republican wins anywhere ever. We will become a one-party government, exactly like California. It is supremely naive, and extraordinarily foolish to pretend this is not a problem. It would be like refusing to take a side in WW2. Belgium tried that. And the Nazis invaded and conquered them, rolling their tanks right over their precious neutrality. My point is, you can’t stay neutral. If you refuse to take a side, you will have one chosen for you. And you won’t like that choice. Considering that in this country I get to choose, I choose freedom. I choose liberty. I choose life. And I will never shrink from speaking with vigor and truth to the tremendous godless evil that the Left has fully and enthusiastically embraced.

I find the sanctimonious virtue signaling and posturing of Progressive Christians to be nothing less than treasonous, not to mention cowardly. They are the fools who will make peace with the crocodile and hope it eats them last.

“And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.” Ezekiel 22:30


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth