Current Events 09-24-2020

Fraud The 1619 Project is a fraud

Vicious Slander That Burns Cities Breonna Taylor: Yet Another Grand Jury Defies the Fake News Narrative; No ham sandwiches were indicted Wednesday.

Breonna Taylor got shot because her scumbag boyfriend decided to use her as a meatshield when he shot at police.

Does Anybody Want To Live in Such a Country? I Don’t. Thin Blue Line Flag Goes the Way of Confederate Statues

We Can’t Trust Anything Coming Out of Academia or “Scientific” Institutions Civilization Requires Collective Common Sense

You Brought This On Yourselves Nothing is Off the Table

That Has Always Been My Experience New Survey Finds Millennials Much More Intolerant Than Boomers

Whatever happened to “live and let live” or “mind your own business”? Millennials love to bleat and beller about their beliefs, demand everyone else change to accommodate them, and then attack anybody who voices even the smallest iota of dissent. They are almost all brainwashed and radicalized. Brainless, mindless, virtue signaling concern trolls, the lot of ‘em.

It Has Happened to Me The Disturbing Trend Of Politicizing Our Families, Fed By the Media

In the days following George Floyd’s death from a drug overdose while in police custody, I was vilified as a white supremacist by family members simply because I suggested, based on past experience, that maybe we should wait for all the facts to come out before rushing to judgement. And I pointed out that the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter is bigoted against white people. For this I was slandered as a neo-Nazi. Which is precious considering where I typically choose to live and what I do for a living.

The Message is Clear – If You Defend Yourself Against Bigoted Murderous Black Thugs, The Law Will Not Protect You Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter

Black Live Matter is just the Klan With a Tan.

You Mean the Rule of Law? That’s a Radical Concept. Governor DeSantis Has an Amazing Plan to Deal With Rioters and Mostly Peaceful Protesters™: Prosecute Them

We Need to Circle the Wagons Around Our Free Republican States, Starve the Blue States Out The Great Conservative Migration And What It Means For The Future

That’s Awesome Secret ‘Man Cave’ Discovered Below Grand Central Platform, 3 MTA Employees Busted; The room below one of the platforms was so secret, station management didn’t even know it existed

But, like all such men only enclaves, the Karens destroyed it.

It’s Always About Abortion Abortion and the Battle Over the Supreme Court

Politicizing HCQ Has Killed Thousands The Scandal of Politicizing Hydroxychloroquine

Our Future Depends on Divesting the Administrative State of Its Unelected Unaccountable Power Over Our Daily Lives Breaking the Administrative State Key to a Successful Second Term; President Trump, the great red pill for American society, has finally brought to the surface what has been simmering beneath for over a century.


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