The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

This is a long essay. So most of you millennials probably aren’t going to read it. Your loss. But for the rest of America who are not functionally illiterate, the Revolution is ongoing. This is not a war of black vs white, or Left vs Right, or Democrat vs Republican. This is a revolution of the dominated vs the oligarchy that rules them.

Our country defeated the Nazis in WW2, but we failed to defeat the Progressive fascists at home. So they dug their tendrils into American society, spread like a cancer (Hail Hydra), and now they rule average Americans in a multitude of ways through various bureaucratic systems.

2020 is the revolt of the governed against the tyrants who have wielded power over us we did not grant them, and persist in viewing us as unwashed peasants which they MUST rule because we cannot rule ourselves.

Our Constitution is a joke. The oligarchy knows this, which is why they pay it so little heed.

Vote like America depends on it. Because it does.

Revolution 2020


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