Due Process Matters

Facts matter. Evidence matters. The presumption of innocence matters. The rule of law matters. These are the bedrock of our Western civilization. The alternative is tyranny. Mob rule. Lynch mobs. Guillotines and firing squads. Secret courts and gulags.

Our country did not deserve the rioting that is still ongoing. White people did not deserve the accusations of racism that came in the aftermath of George Floyd’s overdose and death. Nor did police, who in this instance behaved professionally and within the confines of the law and their training. 

Fleming B. (“Tex”) Fuller has done a 24 minute documentary in which all the video evidence is compiled, and then broken down step-by-step. It is the same process that any journalist could and should have done, but did not. http://centaurfilmworks.com/

This video evidence and the toxicology report was available. It was withheld by the Minneapolis District Attorney with this goal in mind – dividing and destroying America. The traitorous mainstream media could have reported on literally any of this. But they rushed to judgement. And so did everyone else. 

Derek Chauvin did not kill George Floyd. George Floyd did.


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