Current Events 10-26-2020

Progressive Christians Are Not Really Real Christians Evangelicals Fight Wokedom Without and Within; The division between evangelical elites and their un-woke constituencies is real.

You cannot be Christian and support Democrats. You cannot be Christian and support critical race theory. These pagan belief systems and the political movement that espouses them on the Left are antithetical to Biblical Christianity. If a church, if a Pastor espouses these views, they have ceased to be Christian and must be disavowed. It really is as clear cut as that.

We Are at the Same Place the Weimar Republic Was Before the Nazis Took Over and Russia Before the Bolsheviks Yes, This Is a Revolution

The Left Has No More Room For Liberals Why I Voted Trump: A Coming Out Story

In Addition to Being Anti-Christian, the Left is Also Anti-Semitic Stop Being Shocked; American liberalism is in danger from a new ideology—one with dangerous implications for Jews

Cool New nuclear engine concept could help realize 3-month trips to Mars

If You Haven’t Figured It Out Yet, All Polling is Fake All Signs Point To One Thing: We’re Reliving The 2016 Election

Polls are designed to influence voters. They don’t report anything real. In any case, Trump supporters are either lying to pollsters, refusing to speak with pollsters, or they are simply not talking to us (most commonly the latter).

This Is No Election – It Is the End Stage of the Coup Only Voting Can Prevent the Left’s Planned Coup

The next stage, if we fail to stop these people, is Civil War. Yes it really is that serious.

Mask Nazis Six Reasons Why Leftists Love Masks (Hint: ‘Health’ Isn’t On The List)


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