Current Events 10-27-2020

We Ignore the Threat at Our Own Peril 7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not; Examples of hostilities toward Trump and his supporters abound, but leftists’ threats of terror are even greater should Biden win the presidency.

They want us impoverished, ostracized and dead. They want us gone.

At Some Point, You Have to Believe They Mean to Hurt You If They Can Microsoft Rep Threatens To ‘Slide Knife Between Ribs’ Of ‘Asshole’ Conservatives

Heresy Will Be Punished Creepy Democrat Organization ‘Vote America’ Plans to Come Around After the Election to Check on Your Vote

Modern Industrialized Countries Run On Oil Oil and America’s Energy Future

We Cannot Go Quietly Into That Night – Fight or Die Why The Right Can Never End The Culture Wars By Capitulating; The idea that some grand self-sacrificial gesture will heal the culture-war breach is deluded. It is politics as the third act of a romantic comedy.

Traitors, Cowards, and Fools Church leaders sell their souls to the Democratic Party; Evangelicals stumble over themselves to endorse a political party and a candidate openly against life

No Brakes Donald Trump is Poised to Become Among the Most Transformative Presidents in American History


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