We have to fight. Or the Republic is lost.

Right now, that means pressuring lawmakers to do their jobs.

First, contact the Senators for your state:

You need to encourage them to stand with the President in this fight. Here is a copy of my letter, if you need ideas on wording ( Be polite. Be respectful. Do not make threats. Be concise. Praise your lawmakers if you can. The Senate has done yeoman’s work approving judges and should be praised for it.

If you are feeling particularly motivated, you can email ALL the Republican Senators. It took me three hours.

I would also recommend calling your Senators. Leave a message, which THEY DO review. Same thing. State your opinions, with respect. They need to hear this from MILLIONS of us. Write up a short list of concise talking points so you can state your case on the phone clearly and without leaving things out or getting nervous and forgetting what you were going to say.

Next, your Congressman:

Same deal for them.

I do not have a Republican congressman in my district, so I contacted my state GOP leadership instead.

We have to speak loudly, and keep speaking, in the weeks ahead. This is the worst voter fraud scandal in US history. We have to back the President in his fight. We must compel our lawmakers to do the same.



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