Release the Kraken

Sorry folks. My computer was in the shop and I couldn’t effectively do this on my phone. Besides, all the good stuff came out today. So you haven’t missed much.

It’s not necessary to post a bunch of links.

The devastating truth is this: our elections have been electronically fixed by SmartMatic voting software developed in Venezuela since at least 2004. Let that sink in. We cannot trust any election since 2004. It’s too late to change it now. But going forward, we have to clean this up. 

If we fail, if we lack the will, then our country is finished. Our republic is based on the absolute faith of the voter in the integrity of the elections, and that faith is now destroyed.

On every level, local, state, federal, the Democrat Party planned this. They colluded with the mainstream media and the Big Tech oligarchs (Facebook, Google, Twitter and their related platforms) to steal the Election, and cover up the crime.

The Democrat Party are a party of traitors who TRIED to rig this election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who would be the actual President once Biden is shuffled off the stage.

We have to categorically reject any government based on fraudulent elections. Such a government would be invalid and beyond the scope of the US Constitution. 

These are the same people telling us we must lockdown, wear masks, and suck it up while they deprive us of our first amendment rights. I reject their authority. And I WILL RESIST.

This can be a Reformation, or a Revolution. We can seek Justice, or Civil War.

We take our country back, or we lose it all for good.


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