Current Events 11-23-2020

Sidney Needs to Put Up Or Shut Up Sidney Powell Responds to Trump Campaign’s Distancing

If she has the proof, she needs to produce it. Otherwise, it becomes an unproven conspiracy theory that will be dismissed and ignored. I still think votes were switched, as the statistics support this assertion. But if she can’t prove it, then her reputation is destroyed and the case goes nowhere. Trump has to protect his other pending cases. And our chances of success diminish.

In a recent interview, she made statements that could threaten the Georgia runoff elections. And without proof, that could not stand. So it seems she has been shut out.

I hope this doesn’t destroy the other cases, which deal with very real ballot stuffing and more run-of-the-mill fraud in Democrat controlled cities.

I don’t see how Biden could possibly get the votes he did without some kind of electronic fraud.

The big problem of course is the massive disinformation running around. You can’t trust the media. They are proven liars. With no insider information, it is impossible to verify the information.

So all we can do is wait and see how it turns out.

It Could Be a Funding Issue Making Sense Of The News About Sidney Powell

Maybe it’s an effort to avoid financial entanglements and limit liability in case of a defamation lawsuit against the President from Dominion?


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