Current Events 12-09-2020

We Know Very Well What You Mean “Make Them Pay”: Michigan Lawmaker Calls On Leftist Soldiers To Attack “Trumpers”

And we stand ready to defend ourselves.

It’s Great To Be Surrounded By Patriots I Was at the Valdosta Rally. Here’s What I Experienced.

This Cannot Stand How to Steal an Entire Country

This is the MOAB We’ve Been Waiting For Will This Texas Lawsuit Overturn the 2020 Election? Texas lawsuit seeks to declare the selection of electors in four states void. Things are getting interesting.

If the Votes Are Tainted, The Results Have to Be Thrown Out 6 Things To Know About Texas’s Supreme Court Petition Over 2020’s Messed-Up Election; Texas argues that the case ‘presents constitutional questions of immense national consequences,’ namely that the 2020 election suffered from serious constitutional irregularities.

And a new slate of Electors chosen by the legislature.

Multiple States Are Ready to File Amicus Briefs Multiple States Throw Support Behind Texas’ Election Lawsuit Against GA, WI, MI, PA

Don’t Throw Out the Baby What Should Be Done with Section 230?


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