Current Events 12-07-2020

Yes. They Really Did Do This. No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close; A Big Tech-backed ‘fact’ ‘checking’ outfit claimed to debunk explosive evidence for Republicans’ claims of significant election problems in Georgia. It didn’t.

No Audits No Peace The Burden of Proof; The faith in fairness has been shattered beyond recovery, and the assumption of anything like a shared consensus seems more and more like a naïve pretense when it isn’t just a cynical hustings gambit.

How Can They Not? Will SCOTUS Overrule the Pennsylvania Supreme Court?

Lin Wood is Right Lin Wood: Consider the Source

If We Don’t Confront the Fraud, The Dems Will Steal the Senate Too Republicans Can Fight for Election Integrity AND Hold the Senate. If They Don’t, They’ll Lose It All

I am weary of all the doomers who think there is no hope. If we don’t stand and fight, if we don’t resist, we won’t have a Republic anymore. We will be living in an occupied country ruled by tyrants and traitors. No election will be trustworthy. And Democrats will make sure no Republican wins anything ever again.


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