On COVID and Constitutional Crises

I got COVID. We all did. It was unpleasant, extremely so, but we lived. I am currently healing from the damage. My appetite, and sense of smell and taste have returned. My parents are still sick, and my Father-in-Law is still in the hospital, but he is improving.

So there’s that.

I don’t know how to respond to the events of the past few days. I have long resigned myself to the fact that Republicans are spineless traitors who care nothing for me or mine. I just didn’t believe their cowardice could run so deep. On June 6, they certified a fraudulent election. They have stepped aside, and allowed the worst Leftists we have ever seen to take power. And they have turned on us.

In 2016, I was prepared to not vote. What was the point? All there was was 16 nearly identical establishment losers. All of them manicured and Brylcreamed and all of them saying the same tired platitudes that loser GOP weasels always say. And then Trump came. And I saw an opportunity to change things, to have my vote actually count for something. I caught a lot of flack for my decision. We enjoyed 4 years of unprecedented economic growth and political power the likes of which regular people like us have never possessed.

The elites in Washington have subverted our will by generating fraudulent results sufficient to overturn our landslide re-election of Donald J Trump. What this means is that from here on out, we have no political voice apart from open war. Our votes do not matter, since the Dominion Voting machines in use in 30 states can simply grant votes to whatever candidate has been chosen for victory. 

Once the cheating systems rushed into place in violation of state law are made permanent, we will never see a Republican win a national election ever again. We are not a nation of laws anymore. Our election is a sham, a hoax designed to give us peasants the illusion of choice. The social compact Is broken. 

What difference does any of it make? I have no country now. None of us do. I do not know what is going to happen in the years ahead.

One thing is certain – I will never vote for another Republican. If Trump wants to start a new political party, I will support it, but mark me down as a NeverRepublican now. Those traitors have sold us out for the last time, and they will never again receive a vote from me.

I will attempt to make what life I can in whatever Communist regime the Democrats are going to bring forth. I do not hold forth much hope. We have no voice. We have no representation. And I do not give my allegiance to fraud.

God bless America.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth