Informative blurbs of debatable importance.

Dilbert Reborn

Found a source. Somebody with a membership is posting the strip on Reddit. So, I will snag it to post here until they make him stop. Still haven’t found a way to automate this process yet. Having to do it manually. 🙁

Truth Social

FYI folks! Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, has been active on IOS since February. As of today, the web app is now live. So get on over to and sign up while you can still get the username you want. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube are groomer platforms that allow pedophiles, assorted other perverts, terrorists, heathens and anti-Semitic bigots to roam free, but bans Christians, conservatives, Trump Supporters and anybody else who won’t spout the party line. Those platforms are dead to me.

I highly recommend you make use of Truth Social. It’s a great platform.

If you intend to follow my awesome and insightful truths as I post them, even more reason to SIGN UP TODAY.

Back in Black

Howdy folks! I accidentally broke my laptop screen, so I have been waiting on a replacement part to get my laptop back. It took a month, thanks to the supply chain shortage that is in no way related to the actions of our current illegal regime, or foolish dependency on Communist China.

Everything is now copacetic. I suppose I could have blogged on my phone, but given that with my hands, a standard iPhone looks like a gorilla holding a grain of rice, I opted not to. Now that I have the option of typing with a physical keyboard once again, the blogs will resume.

Going Offshore

I completed my migration to a free speech haven offshore. It went smooth. There should not have been any downtime. I will be continuing to exercise my right of free speech there, as this right no longer reliably exists within the jurisdiction of the United States.

So, to the tech overlords, Communists in my government, and the illegitimate Biden regime – you can go screw yourselves.

You are all Quislings.

Biden is an illegitimate President. This is an illegal government. The election was a fraud. The GOP are spineless traitors.

And pretty much anything else I wish to say.

Have a nice day, my fellow domestic terrorists. 😉

Moving to High Ground

Given the move from Leftist oligarchs and Communists to deplatform and silence all dissent to this Communist takeover, I am moving my blog to a new registrar where the probability of longevity is higher. If there is any downtime during this process, that is the reason why. FYI

On COVID and Constitutional Crises

I got COVID. We all did. It was unpleasant, extremely so, but we lived. I am currently healing from the damage. My appetite, and sense of smell and taste have returned. My parents are still sick, and my Father-in-Law is still in the hospital, but he is improving.

So there’s that.

I don’t know how to respond to the events of the past few days. I have long resigned myself to the fact that Republicans are spineless traitors who care nothing for me or mine. I just didn’t believe their cowardice could run so deep. On June 6, they certified a fraudulent election. They have stepped aside, and allowed the worst Leftists we have ever seen to take power. And they have turned on us.

In 2016, I was prepared to not vote. What was the point? All there was was 16 nearly identical establishment losers. All of them manicured and Brylcreamed and all of them saying the same tired platitudes that loser GOP weasels always say. And then Trump came. And I saw an opportunity to change things, to have my vote actually count for something. I caught a lot of flack for my decision. We enjoyed 4 years of unprecedented economic growth and political power the likes of which regular people like us have never possessed.

The elites in Washington have subverted our will by generating fraudulent results sufficient to overturn our landslide re-election of Donald J Trump. What this means is that from here on out, we have no political voice apart from open war. Our votes do not matter, since the Dominion Voting machines in use in 30 states can simply grant votes to whatever candidate has been chosen for victory. 

Once the cheating systems rushed into place in violation of state law are made permanent, we will never see a Republican win a national election ever again. We are not a nation of laws anymore. Our election is a sham, a hoax designed to give us peasants the illusion of choice. The social compact Is broken. 

What difference does any of it make? I have no country now. None of us do. I do not know what is going to happen in the years ahead.

One thing is certain – I will never vote for another Republican. If Trump wants to start a new political party, I will support it, but mark me down as a NeverRepublican now. Those traitors have sold us out for the last time, and they will never again receive a vote from me.

I will attempt to make what life I can in whatever Communist regime the Democrats are going to bring forth. I do not hold forth much hope. We have no voice. We have no representation. And I do not give my allegiance to fraud.

God bless America.

Facebook Jail Again

Whelp, I’m in Facebook Jail again. Apparently it’s totally OK to compare Trump to Hitler night and day and nobody cares. But don’t you dare compare the bigoted anti-semitic racist Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to Hitler, even though she hates Jews at least as much as he did. And has said as much publicly. Facebook’s days are numbered. When I find a suitable replacement for keeping up with family, I am bailing. Enough is enough.

New and Improved

I finally figured out how to de-obfuscate the url’s for King Features comics, so that means that once again, Sherman’s Lagoon takes its rightful place on The Daily Comic page. Also, I am now getting the higher resolution comics, so you’ll be able to read them a little easier on those retina screens.