Current Events 02-20-2021

10 Years of “Going Green”, That’s Why An Insider Explains Why Texans Lost Their Power

Never go full retard.

Closing Coal Plants, That’s Why This Basic Math Shows How Wind Energy Failures Contributed To Texas’s Deadly Power Loss; We can learn from what happened in Texas if we have a serious and necessary conversation about renewable energy. But will we?

You know who’s building coal plants? China. They know.

Absolutely Correct US Should Emulate Poland on Fining Big Tech Censors

But we won’t, because we’re all in on the fascism now.

Whatever Happened to Have a Coke and a Smile? Coke Goes Full Woke

The only superiority “white” people have is the superiority of Western Civilization and the Protestant work ethic. Anybody can learn to have that. 

GASP!! An Academic and a Member of the Marxist Priesthood LIED!!!??? Research linking violent entertainment to aggression retracted after scrutiny

Scientists lying about their data just fills me with rage and a desire to do violence.


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