This government is illegitimate. The election was fraudulent. I simply do not care what the Quislings in Washington are doing, because nothing they are doing will ultimately matter when average people choose to ignore their diktats. When states invoke nullification.

My vote doesn’t matter. The system is rigged. All of it. Smoke and mirrors to act as an opiate to the masses.

So, instead, I am trying to make money in the stock market. That system is rigged too. But at least it is a system where if enough people have similar investment goals, the little guy can win. Sometimes. It looks like with GameStop, sometimes, perhaps once in a lifetime, may have come.

You know what I see in the subreddits I frequent? Lots of poor people who risked their stimulus money in a shot at riches. Riches extracted from hedge funds managed by billionaires who got rich making them and keeping them poor. It’s David vs Goliath.

It seems this, once again, is the populist movement trying to find ways to express their will in the public sphere, and being lectured all the time about how bad we are for daring to do it. We’re manipulating the market they say. Only they always and only manipulate the market for their own benefit every day. Wealth is for them – not for us.

We may come out of this much richer. And along the way, everybody begins to see what us MAGA folk have been saying for ages – the system is rigged against you. Don’t serve the system anymore. Make it serve you.

We are, and the market may never be the same.


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