Media Terrorism

People are capable of all sorts of terrible acts. It makes no difference normally what they look like. Evil proceeds from the heart after all.

That said, it is relevant when a career criminal, a black supremacist, who very publicly declares his hatred for white people, commits an act of mass murder against a crowd of white people having a Christmas parade, particularly when the Mockingbird media has been fomenting racism against whites for the last five years at least, along with entertainment, government and academia.

When racism against whites is acceptable, even praised, can we be surprised a black supremacist would decide to attempt to kill a crowd of harmless white folks? Especially when the same Mockingbird media lies about Kyle Rittenhouse so egregiously, telling everybody he shot black men (he shot white guys), he crossed state lines with a gun (he didn’t) and he shot unprovoked (he was defending his life against ANTIFA goons). They made people believe he was in a militia (he isn’t, never has been) and is a white supremacist (a vicious slander). If you believed the racist system that runs America and is gunning down black men in the streets (all lies) just conspired to set a black murdering white supremacist free, what might you do?

Well, you might drive your SUV at full speed into a crowd of innocent white folks in as clear an act of media inspired terrorism and violence as we’ve seen of late.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth