The UniParty Wants War With Russia

I have said it before. We have no country. We are a conquered people. When the Democrats colluded with the Alphabet Agencies to steal a US election, and when the Republicans were complicit, it was a palace coup. The regime that runs our country, and at the top they are all the same (parties are meaningless), wants a war with Russia. Are they so obtuse that they cannot see the terrible harm this is going to do? I for one think it is intentional. They want America destroyed. They want the dollar removed as the reserve currency of the world. They want people impoverished and scared and helpless to stop them. They want their Great Reset.

We have seen one moral panic after another of late. First Saint George Floyd and the BLM riots that stacked bodies and burned cities across America. Then the COVID panic, in which American churches rolled over and capitulated while their inalienable rights were seized by unelected bureaucrats. Why should anybody attend an American church when American churches showed themselves to the world to be cowards in the face of tyranny?

Now there’s this latest panic. We are being told to hate Russia and “STAND WITH UKRAINE”, no questions asked. Well I have a lot of questions. Number one is this: who is pushing this, and what is their endgame?

Are You So Stupid You Think Nuclear War Can’t Happen? Think Again DC Elites Have Opened Americans To Nuclear Attack, So Americans Must Protect Themselves

This is what happens when the greatest and freest country on Earth is conquered from within. We never should have let it go this far. What’s it going to take to make Americans wake up and throw off the yoke of totalitarianism?

Ukraine is a CIA created state. They want us to go in there and defend the “freedom” of a CIA created state against Communist aggression. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, there’s a granite wall in Washington D.C. engraved with all the names of all the Americans killed defending another CIA created state against Communist aggression.

This godless heathen government, filled with Marxists and pedophiles and critical race theory cultists is not worth dying for.

For the record: I STAND WITH AMERICA.


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