Censorship is Always Wrong

Censorship means that, even if the espoused position happens to be wrong, you are never going to be allowed to hear the evidence, or make up your own mind. You are being told what to think. If nobody can even discuss an event, or an ideology without being censored, then how can anybody find out what is true? The truth is never as cut and dry as people in media and politics want us to believe. The purpose of media is not to inform, but to indoctrinate after all. Why should we “Stand With Ukraine” but give no thought for the 140M Russians having their economy destroyed? Who profits from all this? Personally, I stand with America. And the sanctions on Russia are only going to hurt Russians and Americans while the ultra rich pushing these color revolutions stand to profit from the chaos.

When YouTube bans something from their platform, that makes me want to see it even more.

Consequently, I offer up Oliver Stone’s documentary on Ukraine, “Ukraine On Fire”. I do not agree with Oliver Stone on some things. He is an old school Lefty. He thinks Nazis are right wing for example (they are not – they are in fact Left wing. Anarchism is right wing.). He places deserved blame with the neo-cons in the Republican Party, but completely absolves the Democrats of any guilt. Pay particular attention to the color revolutions, their tactics and outcomes. I wonder if Oliver Stone will be making any documentaries on BLM/Antifa and the palace coup we just experienced in 2020? He is a Lefty after all, so probably not…

The parallels between the 2020 George Floyd/BLM riots and the 2014 Maydan revolution are strikingly similar. George Floyd was our very own “sacred victim”, used as propaganda to fuel our very own color revolution in the United States.

FYI: The title sequence features a naked woman, which I assume represents Ukraine, wreathed in fire. They keep the naughty bits covered mostly, but not entirely, in CGI flames. It is easily skipped over.


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