Current Events 05-11-2022

The Media Apparatchiks Serve the Regime – They Are All Liars Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Debunking AP’s ‘2000 Mules’ Hit Piece

We Are Living In the Aftermath of a Palace Coup The consequences of the stolen 2020 election are increasingly catastrophic

At some point, we are going to have to start arresting and executing people. If the Left can do all that they have done and face no consequences at all, then we are truly a Banana Republic with meaningless laws.

This Is On Purpose Why is biggest baby formula plant in US STILL shut down after three months? Abbott says plant is safe and was not responsible for bacteria that killed two kids – but FDA refuses to reopen it as parents across US struggle to feed their babies

The regime is punishing the middle and working class, because we elected Donald Trump.

We Need to Make Manhood Great Again The Beginning of Courage

The Dems Are Doomed And They Know It The Final Nail in the Coffin for Democrat Redistricting Hopes Is Hammered Home


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