Current Events 05-16-2022

The Cake is a Lie Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda

Ukraine is a CIA state. They were overthrown by a CIA backed color revolution in 2014. Their government and military is riddled with neo-nazis. Russia, no good guy either, is justifiably interested in keeping a CIA backed state, riddled with neo-nazis, from joining NATO and becoming a nuclear threat right on their doorstep. Also, Ukraine is a nexus of the American deep state’s money laundering operations. Gun running, narcotics, human trafficking, intelligence sharing, you name it.

They are using Ukraine to craft a new “global white supremacist threat”, as a pretext for cracking down on the political right in America. Since we are mostly white, hate illegal immigration, reject Critical Race Theory and Marxism, and are critical of the current illegal regime, we are all white supremacists by their definition. They will use the “global white supremacist threat” as an excuse to ban our few free speech platforms from the internet, suppress all political dissent, and justify endless terror campagns/riots in American cities. We are under attack. They want us to accept their rule over us, agree with our enemies that we are awful racist people, and allow the continued destruction of our country.

It cannot stand.

Payton Gendron: The Latest Glow Op

Payton Gendron is yet another mentally disturbed young man, groomed online, radicalized by federal agents, and then turned loose to commit a convenient “hate crime” just in time for the mid-terms. They are going to paint us all as white supremacists and terrorists, just like Clinton did to America’s various militia groups in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. Prepare for another summer of love.

There is a link to the unedited footage of Peyton’s helmet cam in the comment section of the video. It is horrific. Just steps out of his car, starts murdering people. I don’t think any of those people, even if they were armed, could have drawn a gun in time to save themselves.

I have downloaded a copy in case it gets memory holed, but I will not be uploading it to my usual cloud storage.

They are trying to create a narrative of “white supremacists targeting black people”, but when black people murder white people in similar numbers, it is never called a hate crime, never reported.

In fact, the same day, a black supremacist in Milwaukee killed 20 people coming out of a football game.


So all we’re going to hear about from now to the mid-terms is how we have to do something about all the “white supremacists”, ban guns, and crack down on free speech, while BLACK supremacists remain free to keep killing white people, brag about it online, and nothing is ever said about it.

Prepare Yourselves For Another Summer of Love There Will Be Blood

America is A Husk – You Are a Conquered People The Leftwing Insurrection

When the Left succeeded in stealing the 2020 election, and when the Republican Party rolled over for it, using the lame excuse of the so-called January 6 “Insurrection”, we were doomed. Our nation is done. Unless we somehow wrest power from the people running our country, we will continue to live the impoverished subjugated lives they have designed for us.

The Left Fears Losing Power. They Will Respond With More Terrorism Directed Against Americans. Imagine the Unimaginable

Are You a Babykiller, Defending Yourself With the Usual Tired Old Arguments? You Sound Just Like a Southern Democrat Slave Owner. Slavery and Abortion Have More and More in Common; We learned to live without slavery. So it will have to be with abortion.

We Must Refuse This Demonic Cult They’re Not Insane, They Have a Plan; Is it just deranged thespians and virtue-signaling politicians who have been driven mad? Not quite.


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