Current Events 05-24-2022

Conservatism is Dead  “Conservatism” is no Longer Enough

If you haven’t figured it out yet, then let me state it for you plainly: conservatism is dead. Nothing has been conserved. Everything unique, praiseworthy, virtuous, and worthy of conserving has been lost. There is nothing left TO conserve. We are not therefore conservatives. We are counter-revolutionaries. We are well past the point of polite discussion. The only choice left to us is fight to restore the nation, or accept our present state of tyranny. 

They Want to Kill Us Democrats have figured out the only way to win the next election; The only way Democrats will win the next election is to convince voters that Republicans are dangerous

Democrats know they cannot beat us without cheating. Their ideas are dead-ends. Their every effort to “transform America” has only worked to transform more people into being poor. They have failed on a level before only seen during the Carter years. And they know they are doomed in November. So they are calling for our arrest, or death.

These people are not Americans. They may be citizens, but they are not Americans. We owe them no loyalty, no fealty, and they must be given no tolerance, because tolerance only serves to give them more space in which to attack and destroy. 

Our Enemies Are Punishing Us For Existing and For Not Being Part of Their Cult They Want You to Suffer

We must be punished for voting Trump, and for daring to believe we should have control over how we are governed.

Enough is Enough Elon ‘Mad as Hell’ Musk Just Blew Up 2022

Of Course She Did Hillary Clinton Did It; Her 2016 campaign manager says she approved a plan to plant a false Russia claim with a reporter.

Lock her up.

Our Election System is Destroyed The Cancer of Election Fraud

We can’t have a free country without free elections. This is by design. They don’t want us free. They don’t want us choosing our government. They treat the whole system with contempt. And when it doesn’t serve their tyrannical impulses, they react with violence and censorship. These people are not Americans. They are a nation of Maoists occupying our nation, possessing citizenship by virtue of birth, but hating and seeking to destroy everything their native land stands for. They don’t want America to endure – they want it gone and themselves the oligarchs ruling over its ruins.

We Are Being Banished From the Public Sphere – We Are Not Welcome in Our Own Country The Left Has Effectively Banned Christian Kids From Public Pools, Libraries, And Summer Camps

This is also by design. We are not to the point of having to wear gold Stars of David yet, but its heading that direction.

The Muslims Are Useful Tools – They Already Hate Christians and Jews The Campus Wars Against the Jews; The academic campaign against Israel is Nazi-like. It is led by Arab Muslims, often backed by self-hating Jewish leftist stooges.

And when they have served their purpose, they’ll be eliminated too.

Well, Well, Well. Wonder How That Could Have Happened? Outbreak Of Monkeypox Linked To Massive Festival For The ‘Gay Fetish Community’

It’s almost like the gay lifestyle is inherently unhealthy, makes them more vulnerable to disease.


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