Yet Another Convenient Tragic Mass Shooting

By now you’ve heard, since it is inescapable, of the shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 children and three adults were murdered by Salvador Ramos, who is also dead, shot by police responding to the crime.

This is only the beginning of sorrows in this election season.

People get shot every day. This is not an indicator we should ban guns as criminals would then be stabbing each other to death. And you’d have nothing to protect yourself with but sharp sticks and strong language. Gun violence happens because we do little or nothing to address mental illness, AND our culture is determined to create deranged, mentally ill humans. Add to the mix broken homes, the abuse of children, poverty, and the overprescribing of psychotropic drugs to minors, and you’re guaranteed school shootings.

So the question these heathen Pedocrats and their Quisling enabler Republicans refuse to ask is this: what about our culture is generating so many mentally ill people? They will exploit the deaths of children for photo ops, and talking points, and the call to deprive American citizens of their second amendment rights, as they always do. Meanwhile, they will leave the real problem unsolved, and continue to turn our already dysfunctional schools into armed prison camps for the godless thugs their indoctrination has created.

We know, since this is an election year, that the mass shootings are going to ramp up. Whether these shooters are being manufactured somehow by Alphabet agencies or are merely being spotlighted more frequently by our Communist state media remains to be seen. But they will increase in intensity as we approach the mid-terms so the emotions of Americans can be roiled, the politicians can pretend to be useful, and we can be distracted from how completely the Pedocrats and Quislings have screwed us.

At some point, a violent, deranged, drugged out thug of an African-American will likely die in an altercation with police, who happen to be white, and then the usual violent gangs of ANTIFA/BLM terrorists will flood our city streets to intimidate and murder Americans, while our useless politicians watch. And the call to “do something” will go out, which will mean ever increasing crackdowns on law abiding citizens, the Constitution and the rule of law by our despotic regime. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Our sitting former VP and resident White House dementia patient has called the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump racists and domestic terrorists. The rhetoric being directed against us by the Left is increasingly violent, extreme and unhinged. Congress has passed a law in response to the prior mass shooting by Payton Gendron that gives them more police power to suppress and surveil Americans, and to prevent any further political dissent. They are going to focus on any shootings they can find that involve pale, or mostly pale, perpetrators, as this feeds the narrative they are laboring to create of “dangerous white supremacists” running amuck in “Trump’s America”. If you’re white and you voted Trump, prepare to be painted as white supremacists and Nazis by these heathens, and jailed if you protest your government’s unConstitutional actions.

They will find some pretext to make the cheating they did in 2020 permanent, to keep moving the goalposts so no Republican can win, and when our voter turnout is such that this is impossible, they are going to resort to violence to retain power. They intend to abolish elections, or at least blunt their effectiveness so the average American never gets a choice, as we are required to either vote for a Pedocrat or a Quisling, chosen for us by party machines in advance and installed with fraud.

As for this shooting, if taxpayer funded government schools cannot keep the children entrusted to their charge safe, and refuse to take the threat of violence from their most troubled, mentally ill students seriously enough to separate them from the general population, then maybe these criminally negligent schools should be closed. Parents can educate their children at home where they will be safe, and where they are not being indoctrinated with Marxist, transhumanist, groomer, racist, critical theory ideologies. Why are we supporting these government indoctrination prison camps with our tax dollars when they cannot even protect their students?

I for one am incensed by the media circus and the preening self-important politicians who rush to the mic to rebuke innocent Americans for crimes we have not committed or thought of committing every time one of these shootings happens. They do nothing to solve the underlying problems while promising to violate the Bill of Rights and increase government police powers. They have no regard for human life and least of all for the parents now grieving dead children. It is sickening. Enough is enough.

If one of you babykiller Democrat politicians runs to the mic and says that Republicans have blood on their hands one more time, you’re going to have blood on your face, you godless heathens.

What about the rivers, oceans of blood you monstrous babykillers have shed in the name of “choice”? What about the cities burned, the billions of dollars in property damage done to the poorest communities, and the 42 people murdered during the George Floyd riots you Democrats encouraged? And how many more are going to die in the the Civil War you people seem determined to provoke? Americans have had it.

My heart goes out to the families of those murdered children and employees. I am sorry this has happened to you and wish you didn’t have to be subjected to the invasion of privacy and exploitation you are suffering now in addition to your overwhelming grief. You are being used as pawns by these despicable awful people, and all you want to do is bury your children in peace. I am broken hearted for your loss.

My heart also goes out to the nameless victims of homicide that are never reported because it doesn’t serve the narrative of our politicians and Communist state media. These people get killed because they are trapped in a poverty stricken, crime infested Democrat run city. Nothing is done to fix the problem because punishing crime, especially black on black crime, is considered racist in this godless clown world country in which we are forced to live. 

And that is all I have to say about that.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth