Current Events 05-27-2022

Why Shouldn’t You Let Government Have Your Guns? Ask a Native American. The largest mass shooting in US history happened December 29, 1890

Or a Jew. Or an Armenian. Or a Tutsi.

We Need Common Sense Murderer Control Defeating the Culture of Death; We don’t need more gun control. We need morality, religion, community—and the gallows.

If Only There Was Something That Could Keep a Would Be Shooter Out Doors. How Do They Work? Let’s Find Out!

Translation: We Don’t Want Solutions. We Just Want Your Guns. Chuck Schumer BLOCKS school safety bill—says ‘gun legislation’ is the answer

Your WHOLE ANTI-GUN ARGUMENT Is Based on Trust of Police Texas cops reveal there was NO armed guard on campus when gunman walked through unlocked door with his AR-15: First officers on scene retreated when he opened fire on them then waited an HOUR for SWAT

Democrats are murderous, evil, perverse monsters. You’re not safe in any context where they are in charge. Never give up your guns. Guns are all you have to defend yourself from the gulag, the concentration camp, and the gas chambers.

We cannot rely on police for our safety. They have proved that when push comes to shove, they will not protect us, will side with the government against us, and will attack US if we try to defend ourselves or our families.


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