Current Events 05-31-2022

Our Freedom to Speak Is Not Granted – It Is Natural Law The right to be an a**hole

People have the right to be jerks. Speech doesn’t become free only after a government body, or an online mob, has decided they aren’t offended by it. In fact, I would argue such gaggles of wokescolds NEED to be offended. Regularly. Mercilessly.

They Are Coming For 4chan Who owns 4chan? 4chan’s relationship with a Japanese toymaker has remained remarkably murky.

Meanwhile, black supremacists, pedophiles, and terrorists will remain free and uncensored. They intend to paint all Trump supporters, gun owners, free speech advocates as white supremacists, then use police powers to deplatform us. It won’t work. But they will try.

Never Apologize – Never Let Them Silence You The Ugliest Form of Antagonism…and It’s for You

Get Woke Go Broke Is Woke Corporatism Peaking?

We cannot allow Corporate Communism. Corporations have no legislative power. No right to tell private citizens to do anything.

Of Course Not. They WANT It to Spread. WHO Says No Need to Cancel Pride Parades Over Monkeypox

The State Isn’t Responsible For Our Children – We Are Uvalde Proves We Can’t Keep Outsourcing Our Kids’ Safety To A Cowardly Bureaucracy

The Fault Is, As Always, Law Enforcement and School Administration A Series Of Critical Failures Led To The Uvalde Tragedy

Eugenicists Gonna Eugenicize Abortion and the Progressive Agenda; Why Janet Yellen has so much in common with Margaret Sanger.

Their argument breaks down though, considering that they seem to want to flood our country with illegals, who are also a drain on society. So it can’t only be because the fear unwanted children will become a drain on society. They clearly do not think this. I think they just like murdering babies.

I Think We All Know To Which Faith Tradition These “Clergy” Belong Left-Wing Clergy Responsible for 500,000 Abortions Before Roe v. Wade Ramp Up Efforts

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