Current Events 06-02-2022

Democracy is the Opiate of the Masses America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President’s Secret, Unchecked Powers

Yet another reason to never give up your guns.

Who Enabled The Shooter to Kill Those Children? Leftist Law Enforcement and School Administration Here Are Eight Lies Texas Officials Told About Uvalde That Should Get Them Fired

I would go further and say prosecuted for negligent homicide.

As Per Usual, Homosexual Men Are Spreading Another African Simian Virus in the West Where Has Monkeypox Spread To

Monkeypox is normally bottled up in Africa, where some people eat monkey meat. That’s how they catch it.

Now it is spreading in the West, where nobody eats monkey meat.

AIDS started in Africa too. It first infected humans by way of eating monkey meat.

It spread to the West, where nobody eats monkey meat, and killed millions. Anthony Fauci guaranteed nothing would be done to stop the spread of AIDS.

How do usually contained African simian viruses take off in non-African countries? The common denominator: homosexual men.


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