It’s Degenerate Month

The goal of so-called “Pride” Month is the corruption of minors, and the creation of a culture where children are allowed no innocence, because they are deemed to be sexual creatures from birth. It is a system of belief created by pedophiles and for pedophiles.

Dr. John Money, Father Of Gender Theory, Was A Pedophilia Apologist

Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 Book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” launched the Sexual Revolution. Did you know Alfred Kinsey was a pedophile apologist? That he used pedophiles to conduct his research via the sexual abuse of children? That he found nothing wrong with this? His research was falsified, as it was conducted in prisons, using rapists and pedophiles. The Sexual Revolution was based on the research of a child rapist.

It’s all a lie. They told Americans “This is happening, and you’re a prude if you don’t do it” so pretty soon, it WAS happening everywhere. They perverted our culture, and set us on a road that will end up with the normalization of pedophilia. That was the goal all along.

Watch this for some historical information, if you can stomach it.

Secret History – Kinsey’s Paedophiles (1998) BBC4


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