We hear a lot about gun violence. Selective outrage over gun violence that is politically useful to the degenerate Left. But never all the gun violence. Never the real root of the problem.

So let’s go there shall we?

Let’s speak the unspeakable truth.

The vast majority of gun violence in America is being done by black males 18-25. How many mass shootings are done by black criminals and never reported? How many of those are directed at targets because the shooter wanted to kill white people? I’m betting a lot. Democrat controlled cities have mass shootings every single week of the year.

If nobody is going to “do something” about out of control black-on-black, and black-on-white violence, then nothing will change.

Who has blood on their hands?

Well, let’s set aside for the moment the oceans of blood shed by the babykiller Left and focus on the number one cause of mass shootings:


Leftists have done everything in their power to destroy men, to eliminate fathers, and to dissolve the nuclear family. All to make way for their ever increasing levels of perversion, for which reality must again be altered to redefine normal.

Fatherless young males account for nearly all the violent crimes in America. 

Leftists have caused this culture of death. They perpetrated it. We are the victims of their groomer predations. They caused the problems we are suffering with, so they could splinter our country, weaken it, fill it with violence and degradation, then disarm us and seize permanent control when the civil populace cries out for order and security.

Politicians love to talk about children. “We must protect our children.” they like to say. Marxists adore using children as props for their regimes, after all. And then do things, like in Ukraine for example, that causes people to eat their children due to starvation (look up the Holodomor).

Ask every one of these gun-grabbing degenerates who dare utter the phrase “We must protect our children.” this question:

Do you believe in protecting children in the womb?


And of course, there is always the inevitable calls for compromise from our very own Quislings in the Republican Party. I call you traitors. Cowards. Trading our freedoms for a sound bite and a pat on the head from your Leftist paymasters.

You can’t compromise with the enemy. You can’t give your guns to people who want you dead and gone.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Ukranians, or the Kulaks, or the Jews, or the Tutsi, or the Lakota, or the Armenians.

During the Summer of Love in 2020 when BLM and ANTIFA were burning down America and murdering and looting all over the place, I asked similar questions.

Which black lives matter?

Is it only the politically useful lives?

Or what about black babies lives? What about the lives of black children forced to grow up in poverty by Democrat policies? Or the black children who never have a father in the home, for the same reasons? What about black children killed by uncontrolled black gang violence? 

Democrats talk about the children, always about the children. It is only talk.

Their actions, their policies and their personal choices tell the truth:

Democrats hate children. They hate women. They hate mothers. They hate fathers, and families and men. They hate America.

They hate you. They only want to enslave and control you. And I truly believe, they will kill us if they can, quick or slow.

The only thing stopping these degenerates is our guns and the law abiding people who own them.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth