Current Events 06-07-2022

So They Not Only Stole the 2020 Election With Fake Ballots, They Stole Future Elections With a Fake Census There Was a Huge ‘Mistake’ in the 2020 Census… Guess Which Party It Favored?

We Only Have One Choice Now Scared About Gun Violence? Vote Republican, Get A Gun, And Prepare For Self-Defense

The Left has no desire to win political power through persuasion and the ballot box. They are going to seize power by any means necessary. We must not let them.

The Left WANTS Mass Shootings The Most Terrifying Reality about School Shootings

They Want Our Guns Why Uvalde Doesn’t Justify Gun Control

We are at the crossroads. Do you really want to be the one who has to tell your grandchildren (if you live that long) of the last days of the American republic? How we descended into chaos and madness and sent our fellow citizens to the gulags? And you did nothing to stop it?

We Need Better Men Ecce Homos

There is no homosexuality in traditional masculinity, as homosexuality is the absolute rejection, perversion, and corruption of God’s design for men. Homosexuality therefore is the anti-male.

In a world suffering the effects of weak or absent masculinity, the only way out of our predicament is not to layer on more sodomy. We must view this so-called “Pride” movement for what it is – a demonic ideology, invented by pedophiles, and designed to enslave and destroy.

We must go back.

We must become ungroomable.


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