Current Events 07-11-2022

Damn Right We Would Without Obergefell, Most States Would Have Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Obergfell created a fake Constitutional right. Exactly like Roe did. It needs to go, along with every other similar fake right crafted out of “rights to privacy” or similar. The States, not an unelected body of judges, get to decide whether marriage will be redefined or not. Most States already had bans on their books when SCOTUS just decided for everybody. 

We Are the New Right The Age of Trump

We are kicking the surrender monkeys out of our party, getting rid of the “business as usual” do-nothing model of governance. It’s time to get it done.

This Is Bigger Than Podesta’s Emails You’ll Never Believe the Contacts on Hunter’s iPhone

We Need to Divest Ourselves of the So-Called “Religious” Right Evangelical Elites Betray American Patriotism; That’s just one item in a growing list of antipathies that separate the evangelical industrial complex from everyday evangelicals.

Evangelicals have been played. The people claiming to represent us have not only never accomplished anything of value to “values voters”, they have sold us down the river. Political hucksters all of ‘em.

These people aren’t real Christians. They are PROGRESSIVE Christians, which means not Christians at all. As much traitors to our values as RINOS are to the political right.


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