Current Events 07-12-2022

Get Married. Have Kids. If You Won’t Do That, Then You’re Not an Adult. Generation Baby

We Must Restore Motherhood to Its Proper Place of Honor In Society Women versus Abortion

Being intentionally childless, delaying marriage, or never getting married at all, is abnormal. It goes directly against God’s command to marry and be fruitful and multiply.

Women Have Thrown Away Their Birthright Roe V. Wade Did Not Empower Women, It Lied To Them

The Left is the Enemy Who Are the Real Insurrectionists? In truth, “insurrection” has been fueled by the Left since 2015.

You Don’t Compromise With Your Enemies This Is No Time for Bipartisanship; At the very least, Republicans should stop speaking about restoring a relationship that no longer exists.

We Cannot Allow the Grooming of Children This is what happens if you introduce your child to transgender children’s books…

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire Will The U.S. Fall Just As Rome Did?

J6 Was a False Flag, All of It DEVELOPING: What you need to know about the FBI Jan 6 Proud Boys informant leak…


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