Current Events 07-26-2022

The Great Experiment Is Dying Off, Like the Hippies Who Espoused It Thanks to Biden, the Modern Liberal Project is Dead

You Know Who Changes the Meanings of Common Terms to Support An Ideology? Cults. The Left’s Response To Failure Is To Redefine It As Success

Abortion is Racist. And Also Murder. In Bizarre Screed, FiveThirtyEight Falsely Labels Pro-Lifers Racist, Ignores Racism Of Abortion Industry

White American Christians Abolished Slavery and Made it Stick Uniquely Bad—But Not Uniquely American

Every nation on Earth practiced slavery. Until Christians destroyed the practice once and for all. The Muslims in Africa and the Middle East are STILL taking slaves.

Trump Is a Hammer. The Left is the Nail. Any Hammer Will Do. Completely misunderstanding Trump’s influence in the Republican Party

So long as we get to hammer that nail.

We Cannot Allow RINOs Anywhere Near Trump 2024 Trump’s ‘Think Tank’ Prepares to Betray Him ; The America First Policy Institute’s broader agenda appears to be to hijack the political attractiveness of Trumpism but replace Trump with their own anointed RINO.

I am sick and tired of the Quisling GOP throwing our efforts at self-government and restoring the Constitutional Republic under the bus. Every. Single. Time.

Many Degrees Aren’t Worth the Ridciulously Expensive Faux Parchment They Are Printed On The Last Leg Universities Stand On Is Collapsing; The world of education is not what it used to be.


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