On American Nationalism and Nazis

What is a Nazi?

Nazis were members of the National Socialist German Workers Party, founded by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Politically, they were fascists, which was a form of Communism that originated in Italy. The German Fascists felt Italian fascism didn’t go far enough, so they added in scientific racism and eugenics. They blended strong German ethno-nationalism (the definition of ‘German’ was narrowed to mean you couldn’t have any Jewish, or non-German ancestry) with pre-Christian paganism.

What did the Nazis believe?

– They believed in state control of business.

– They called for violence against political enemies.

– They mandated civilian disarmament.

– They encouraged hatred for groups of people based on ethnicity.

– They encouraged discrimination against that group.

– They required preferential treatment for ethnicities favored by the Party.

– They required disfavored members of the population to wear an article of clothing against their will.

– They considered children to be property of the State.

– They mandated the indoctrination of children with Party politics.

– They demanded abortion for undesirable people, including people with Down’s Syndrome.

– They viewed Christianity as the enemy.

– They controlled speech, and media, and punished people for using speech deemed hateful to Party ideology.

Can we think of any modern political ideology that has similar beliefs?

The modern Left stands for all of these. Today.

So never let the Left call you Nazi. They clearly do not know what Nazis stood for, and have only the vaguest idea of history. All they know is what they have been indoctrinated to know. They are radicals and zealots. Point for point, the Modern Left more closely resembles the Nazi party than any of the people they accuse of being the same. They are the actual fascists.

Not us.

American nationalism is not wrong. Nor is it white supremacy. Nor is it being a Nazi. Nationalism simply means you wish to preserve your nation.

Nations have borders. Nations have a common language and history. Nations are formed based on common ancestry. The United States is unique. We have civic nationalism. Our bond is based on common political ideology, codified in the Constitution. So American nationalism is merely an attempt to preserve our unique American civic nationalism.

Therefore, the only people who would consider it evil to be an American nationalist are the people who hate the Constitution, and hope to destroy the American system of laws and traditions.

Why would the Left want this?

Because that system of law and tradition is based on clearly defined freedoms and limited government. They want the State to be god. They want us subject to a fascist system which they control. Because they ARE fascists.

So American nationalism has to go.

Additionally, when they call you Nazi, it is because in their limited definition of good and evil, being a Nazi is the only evil thing. They don’t know what Nazis were. They don’t know what they stood for. They have no self-awareness. They only know they were bad. So when they call you a Nazi, it only means they consider you to be evil. They are trying to “other” you. This is dehumanizing language.

Once you have been placed in the Nazi category, you are no longer a human being. You have no rights they are required to respect. You are no longer accorded any civility based on common decency. Violence is acceptable against you because you are the distillation of pure evil. They can silence you. They can deplatform you. They can fire you from your job. They will deploy mobs to destroy your business. They will hound you from society.

It is exactly like when a Nazi would denounce somebody as a Jew.


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