Current Events 07-25-2022

We Are in a War Whether We Choose to Acknowledge the Bullets or Not Who Wants that Castle Down? Who profits from the disintegration of the American family? Who profits from its invasion by mass entertainment, mass media, and mass schooling, three prongs of one pitchfork?

It Is No Conspiracy Theory – They Really ARE After Your Children Revolution and the Minds of Children

If We Are Complicit, We Are Evil Too How Evil Advances: The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Leftists are not good people with bad ideas. They are evil people. They are enemy combatants who see us as a foe to be vanquished and enslaved. We cannot let our basic sense of compassion, justice, and fair play blind us to this reality. These people are dangerous. They will kill us if they can. We cannot compromise. We should not feel sorry for them. And if they choose violence, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves.

No One Has a ‘Right’ to Contraception – Buy Your Own Condoms, Libtards No One is Coming For Contraception, But They’re Definitely Coming For Conscience Rights

These People Are Not Kidding – They Really Mean It New York Times writes that cannibalism ‘has a time and a place,’ and that time is now, thanks to climate change

This Is Why I Call Them Pagans  A Taste for Cannibalism? A spate of recent stomach-churning books, TV shows and films suggests we’ve never looked so delicious — to one another.

This article is what the one above it is referencing.

Traitors. They Are All Traitors. Especially the GOP. Willing Accomplices in The Greatest Crime of Our Lifetimes

All Is Not Lost The Tide Is Turning; Daunting as the task of restoring political order to America might be, there are many reasons to believe good things are right around the corner. 

But we’re going to have to fight. The enemy isn’t going to passively surrender. They leave that to the GOP.

Youth Culture is Ageist Age Discrimination: The Dark Side of Diversity

Young people are morons. Easy to deceive. Easy to bully. But the old don’t take crap from anybody. So they have to go.


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