Current Events 09-27-2022

What Are We Prepared to Do to Save Our Republic? What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today? If historicism is false, then the American system can be lost. Tyranny can recur. But do conservatives see this?

The Left Wants Its Reichstag Fire – We Must Not Give It to Them Don’t Take the Bait

Assume everybody online calling for violence is a Fed.

Now Is Not the Time for Complicity A Bitter Pill for the Silent Majority; Many people are now speaking up who could have used every excuse to remain silent. The difference is they choose courage over fear.

Proud Ultra MAGA The Poisonous Politics of Pejorative

Enough Is Enough There’s a Reason Conservatives are Becoming Less Tame

We Have to Act If Republicans Want to Win, Commit

We cannot be the Do-Nothing Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory anymore.


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