Current Events 09-26-2022

George Floyd Killed Himself. Derek Chauvin Did Nothing Wrong. Democrats Used A Massive Race Hoax To Gain Power

When will they be called out for this? What about all the people defamed, slandered, and called racist simply for happening to be pale skinned? When will people apologize to me for calling me racist, for being pale skinned and for suggesting that all this obsession over race is itself racist?

I ain’t holding my breath.

He Wants Us Marginalized, Impoverished, and Killed Remembering Hate Speech; What we used to know as “hate speech” is now presidentially acceptable speech, and what has followed from it is no surprise.

Red Wave Coming Operation Demoralize Has Failed; The ABC/WaPo poll released today is particularly gruesome for Democrats. Biden’s “red” speech also was a wake up call and motivator. Maybe the only success of the speech was to awaken sleeping Republican voters.

Don’t listen to all the Baghdad Bobs in the media. Dems are doomed. Everybody vote. Don’t be complacent.

What a Chad The True Jackie Robinson; In the MLB’s and media’s coverage of the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s major league debut, there is much that is forgotten.

Jackie Robinson was a chad. And one of my personal heroes. He was too much a Christian, a Conservative, and a man for your basic Marxist/race-baiting/white guilt heathen Leftist to tolerate. Leftists love to tout the man, and ride on his legit Civil Rights coat tails, while hating everything he stood for and studiously ignoring his Christian character. Jackie Robinson was not a race hustler or an adulterer.

This Has Always Been the Goal Sex With Children: The Gender Ideology End Game

Ever since Kinsey and Money, normalizing pedophilia has always been the endgame.

The Dems Have a History of Dehumanizing People Not Really A Heartbeat, Clump Of Cells, Property Not People — It’s The Same Old Lie

And Using Violence to Suppress Dissent Did the FBI Finally Go Too Far?

The Stasi/FBI must be disbanded.

Pure Slander and Defamation The FBI’s Matt Gaetz Operation Sidelined An Effective Republican Voice At A Crucial Time. That Was The Point

He should sue.


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