Current Events 10-31-2022

Where Is the Outrage, You Worthless Hypocrites? Onward Christian Cowards

This Is How Free Speech Dies It’s About Power

Alex Jones needs to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. There is more at stake here than some bad actors saying some terrible things. And for all we know, the people harassing the Sandy Hook families were crisis actors also, with this end goal in mind. Impoverish anybody that speaks against the regime.

No Quarter After the Elections

No more niceness. No more compromise. No more “reaching across the aisle.” It’s time to get medieval.

Tomboys ARE NOT Gay, For God’s Sake “Save the Tomboys”: Gays Against Groomers Takes A Stand Against The Lie That Tomboys Are Inherently Transgender “It’s okay to be a masculine girl or a feminine boy.”

That said, I get their point.


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