Current Events 12-23-2022

This Is Why I Call Then Homofascists Mother Finds Herself Under Military Scrutiny for Objecting to Sexuality Poster at School

They aren’t going to allow dissent. You will bow the knee, kiss the ring, allow the grooming and sexualization of your children, or they will destroy you. The Rainbow Guard has no tolerance.

He’s Our Last Chance It’s ‘Trump Will Never Be President’ All Over Again

DeSantis is being groomed (not in the homofascist way). He is backed by big money, like Ken Griffin. I cannot back such a man. He is this season’s Jeb Bush. He’s the guy the Judas Goat wing of the party WANTS to carry their standard. I don’t doubt he has been a successful governor. He needs to REMAIN governor for now. Hold the line in Florida. He can then run in 2028. I will happily vote for him then. But not in 2024. Trump or nothing.


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