Current Events 01-13-2023

Damn White People and Their <Shuffles Deck> Roads Roads Are Racist

Roads allow freedom of travel for anybody with a car. Public transportation and efforts to destroy the car industry is all about bottling people up in cities, which Democrats control.

They Are Not Pro-Environment – They are ANTI-HUMAN Thanks To Radical Environmentalists, Not Even A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Can Fix California’s Drought

All of California’s trouble are due to Marxist mismanagement and hatred for humans in general and Americans in particular.

The Normies Have to Wake Up America’s Animal Farm

Nothing about our government is lawful or Constitutional.

They Murdered a Peaceful Protestor Killing Ashli; Despite all the evidence, Biden Justice Department declines to prosecute the officer who shot Babbitt on Jan. 6, 2021.

Don’t you dare protest our illegal actions, or our goon squad will kill you. That’s the message.


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